Echinacee pourpe

I - Nomenclature

Nom Latin : Calluna vulgaris L.

Famille : Ericaceae

Noms communs Common heather, Ling


From the Italian “brughiera”, a derivative meaning land covered with heather, moor.

II – Legends and traditions

It is cited as linked to the Venus Erycine who, in Rome and Sicily, governed the passions of love.

In Phenicia and Egypt it was dedicated to Isis and Osiris.

According to Graves the name of the Gallic goddess of Heather, Uroica, would be intermediate between the Celtic and Greek names of this plant (Ura and Ereice).

III – Botanical description

Description: Small bushy shrubs, evergreen.

The evergreen leaves are very small, arranged in four rows on the side branches.

The flowers are bell or bell shaped with 4 teeth.

The fruit is a dry capsule with 4 valves.

Habitat; It is a species that thrives only on very acidic soils that are poor in nutrients.

The Callune is found in heathlands, woods and more or less dry hillsides on siliceous land, throughout Eurasia. It is common in France up to 2500 m altitude, but rare in the Mediterranean region and Corsica.

Heather is a species that grows in full sun or partial shade. It tolerates large variations in temperature and soil moisture.

Parties utilisées : flowering tops


IV – Active ingredients 


⬧  arbutoside

⬧  tannins

⬧  ericoline, ericinol, triterpenes pentacyclic 

⬧   fumaric acid

V – Therapeutic uses



•   antirheumatic

•   astringent

•   depurative

•   powerful diuretic, anti-inflammatory et urinary antiseptic

•   urinary tract sedative




Cystitis avec pyuria

Oliguria (rarefaction of urine)





Internal use 

Infusion : 30g of flowering tops for a liter of water: drink 3 to 4 cups a day..

Decoction : a handful for a liter of water. Boil 3 minutes and infuse 10 minutes. Drink in 24 hours.

Usage externe 

Bath : boil 500g of whole plant in a few liters of water. Add to a hot bath: gout, rheumatism.

Poultice : flower porridge applied to the joints: rheumatism, gout.



VI - Precautions for use



Pregnant women, nursing mothers and young children.

Interactions with synthetic drugs.

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